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This page describes the information I have found about compatibility between Apple's Address Book and the Sony Ericsson P900 (over Bluetooth).

  • Apple's Address Book needs some help to work (almost) properly with the Sony Ericsson P900 over Bluetooth. I managed to get Dialling and Receiving calls to work with the P900 and I posted this information to this macosxhints article but after a few requests I have decided to summarize all the information here to assist others. (This page is now a hint on also.)

  • So, to make Address Book and P900 talk follow these steps:
    1. Close Address Book (Quit the application completely).
    2. Control-click (or right-click) on Address Book in Applications, select Show Package Contents, then open Contents/Resources.
    3. Control-click (right-click) on Telephony.bundle and Show Package Contents, then open Contents/Resources.
    4. Open ABDeviceCommandSets.plist with Property List Editor (from /Developer/Applications/Utilities).
    5. Now in Property List Editor, open tree "Root", then open tree "1", and open tree "ABDeviceModelStrings". You should see "T610" and "Z600".
    6. Add a new child to "ABDeviceModelStrings", class "String", Value "P900". This seems to be the most compatible area for the P900.
    7. Now if you save the plist file, and restart Address Book, you should be able to dial people and see who is calling from the Mac.
    8. To also allow the Address Book to answer a P900 call, change:
    9. And to allow it to hang up calls, change:
      Note: I know of no way to actually make Address Book hang-up a call, so I have to presume that this is reserved for future enhancements by Apple...

  • Sending and receiving SMS messages, however, appears to be impossible with the P900 (and P800) due to Sony Ericsson not including support for SMS via the "at" command-set over Bluetooth in these phones. That is the information I found in the Sony Ericsson developer site anyway. See this Knowledge Base article and these forum articles, article1, article2 (sign-up required). If anyone knows any good alternatives I would love to here about them.

  • If the above info is too confusing or you are too lazy, I offer a copy of my ABDeviceCommandSets.plist here (download and install AT OWN RISK). This file should be copied to
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